Cut, Weld, Grind

cutting, welding and grinding. installing fresh patches on rused out locations.

First Rust Repair!

This is my first attempt at an actual repair. came out pretty good i think!

Complete Floor Removal

The floor section on the GTO was too far gone. not worth patching in so many places so i decided to buy a complete floor replacement. From the firewall to the trunk area. The old floor had to be removed carefully so the drilling of spot welds begins. It took about 10 hours of work to get 100+ spot welds drilled out.

I decided to order a complete floor piece that included the floor braces but without inner or outer rockers. The outer rockers i left on the car and will repair them soon (minor rust damage). Trying to replace the outer rockers would have left no support between the front and the rear of the car and i was not going to risk having the car come out of alignment.

The inner rockers are going to be replaced. There is abosultuly no way to remove the inners without damanging them. much easier to buy new. it would be a good idea for the complete floor plan to also be offered with inner rockers already attached as it would save a step in the restoration.

i am not going to put the new floor section in yet. it is much easier to work on the car with the floor out. i will finish all work leading up to the trunk area before attaching the floor. Stay tuned!.